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Guess what I've been up to?

Hey everyone,

So much has been happening in the studio. Currently I am running two businesses. I recently launched Twenty Sixty One which is a neutral baby clothing brand. The studio has had a little make over and one side of it is dedicated to the clothing so that when you visit our studio in Glasgow you can shop too. I have been photographing some of my little clients in the clothes too - check out the cuteness!!

The name (Twenty Sixty One) is such a personal story for me and one that I haven’t shared with many people until this venture began. I grew up in a house with two younger bothers who I love dearly. One brother was my best man at my wedding whilst the other was my ring bearer. Now little Ben (ring bearer) is 18 years younger than me and when he was going through the stage of learning how to count he was fascinated by numbers. At night time or at the end of a phone call I would say “Goodnight, love you” he would reply “I love you more”, I would argue: “I love you the most”. He would argue that he loved me to infinity and I would then try and beat that with… I love you to infinity and beyond. (This is my favourite part) He was only 3 years old and he would get so passionate about how much he loved us that he would shout “ I LOVE YOU TWENTY SIXTY ONE” as though it was the BIGGEST number in the world, an unbeatable number, resulting in his love being bigger than anything. Still to this day when I receive a little text from him he writes… “ I love you 20 61 xx”

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