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Newborn Photography

If your on this page you must be looking for a newborn photographer - so first of all a huge congratulations on your amazing news!! Newborn sessions are all about capturing your baby in a way they will never be again; brand new. My aim is to capture the true beauty of your new son or daughter in a very natural and timeless way. I want you to look back on these photographs in years to come and be reminded of how small your child felt in your arms, how tiny their fingers where against your palm and how completely in awe you were at every single expression they made. 

I have spent years developing a work flow that keeps my babies very settled and undisturbed but allows them space to work their own magic so I can capture unique photographers during every session.

Check out my latest work here.


Newborn Sessions last on average, 2 hours and are designed for babies under 4 weeks. I recommend booking in around about your 20 week scan, a £40 deposit provisionally secures your due date and is deducted from your session fee. Once your little one arrives a date will be set in the dairy for your session. 


I will start your session off by swaddling your baby and photographing them alone - letting you sit back and take it all in. If you have older children at the session, photographing your new baby first is a great way to show them what to expect and help make them feel comfortable. I then encourage parents to let me capture you holding and cuddling your baby - for me, capturing these moments are very special and I know they will be for you too.  After years of training and studying newborns, you can relax knowing that I can pose your baby, skilfully, comfortably but most importantly safely whilst giving you beautiful photographs to cherish for a lifetime.

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