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All You Need To Know About Your Newborn Photographer

Wow - I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I became a photographer. I honestly can't believe how fast the time has went by. Firstly, I started out as a mobile photographer, which entailed me packing up my car and driving all over the country to capture your gorgeous babies! The unpacking was not as much fun. I was mobile for around 4 years until I made the big jump and moved into my first studio in Paisley, just 15 minutes from Glasgow . At first I was afraid that people only hired me because I came out to the house for the shoots (my inner critic was THE WORST back then) however quickly I released that people actually loved my work and moving into my first studio was a great confidence boost for me.

Having my own space meant I could develop my style further and not feel restricted by the lack of space or light. It's been life changing for me. When you are in my studio I want you to feel totally relaxed - get your shoes off, get comfy!

Now I am based in Bridgeton, 5 minutes from Glasgow City Center in Park Lane House which is an amazing space. When I first moved in, it had a blue carpet and magnolia walls so I was excited to transform the place. I have been there almost a year now and its been my busiest year yet - so many people had babies, I think it was a lockdown thing . My place is all white now with beautiful wooden furniture and it is also the home to my other business Twenty Sixty One. Yes - its another baby focused business. What can I say - I am broody 98% of the time ;)

Twenty Sixty One is my beautiful boutique which was born from my love of neutral styles and comfortable clothing. So many of my clients would come along to their sessions and tell me about their struggles to find nice clothing that I could photograph their babies in which resulted in the birth of TSO. It has a special meaning behind the name, go and check it out...

I have always felt very humble to be in the job that I am in. I love my tiny newborn clients so much and I am very grateful to all the parents that entrust me with their most precious gift. It's an honour to capture these wonderful photographs for you.

If you would like to enquire about a photoshoot for your newborn baby or if you fancy upgrading your family photos, just drop me a message and I'll find you a slot.

Have a lovely week lovely humans

K xx

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