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The Studio

where the magic happens

Photography Studio

My studio is my happy place. It is situated in the Embroidery Mill in Paisley, part of Abbey Mill Business Centre. The Old Mill was constructed in 1840 as a shawl factory and is now an amazing building to over 43 tenants. 

Studio Setups: 

One of the corners in the studio is all white! White walls, white curtains. This is where I do 80% of my sessions. The other corner is like a boho bedroom style to create those images that look like they were taken in the privacy of your own home. 

I have everything you need when you attend your session. Nappies, muslins even new dummies incase you loose your own one that you can then take home. I have a fully stocked fridge of refreshments and some milk to have a cuppa tea with some biscuits. 


When you arrive you get to sit back and relax whilst I capture your beautiful family.